Let’s build a startup community in Gyor!

Our vision

We want to create an inspiring environment for future generations to build businesses with the right support locally, in Gyor.

We are doing this:

  • By helping local startups and entrepreneurs to grow.
  • By building an open ecosystem where everyone is welcome to contribute to the community.
  • By changing the mindset of local entrepreneurs and startups.

Our mission

Our goal is to put Győr on the map of European innovation!

  1. By organizing community-building events.
  2. By providing programs, training, incubation and internationalisation support for local entrepreneurs.
  3. By connecting the startup ecosystem in Győr internationally.

We are looking for you if:

  • you have an idea,
  • you are interested in the startup world,
  • you would like to meet like-minded people.

Our history

StartITup Győr was born in May 2017 with the event “Let’s create a startup life in Győr”. Our first event was welcome in the community, attracted some sponsors and a great number of young people joined which validated the need for such a platform. By joining forces, we could unlock the potential of local entrepreneurs and boost the creation of startups. After dozens of events since then, a massive community of around 700 people are backing our goals and part of the StartITup community.

About Győr

This situation of Győr is rather particular. It is a university town in the middle of the Vienna-Budapest-Bratislava triangle, besides Gyor is one of the most important economic and industrial hubs of the country.

We face two challenges by building our ecosystem:

  1. Inspiring entrepreneurs tend to move to Budapest or Vienna to realise their innovative ideas.
  2. Large multinational corporations in Győr offer students appealing graduate schemes and career opportunities. As a result, students tend to choose a more secure and attractive corporate career rather than trying a riskier entrepreneurial path.

We believe that there is space for both high-value added employment and riskier entrepreneurship. We want to reach and elevate the entire ecosystem: startups, idea owners, academia, industry, non-profits and support organisations. Our goal is to encourage the local community to support & build new businesses as well as to engage with the local and regional industry to realize innovation programmes together.


Startup Wednesdays (Startup Szerda)

We organize a monthly meetup every first Wednesday of the month.

We pick a topic and bring together interesting speakers from different fields in the startup world.

We aim to bring a speaker outside the region, to invite female entrepreneurs and to showcase a local best practice.

Join us

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We organise other events as well, not only meetups.

Our Hall of Fame:

Ideathon 1.0, 2.0 is an idea competition (hackathon) where anyone can participate whether they have or not an idea, can join a team and can work together on improving this idea into an MVP or prototype with experienced mentors.

TEDxGyor 2018, 2019 - TEDx is an inspirational series of thought-provoking talks to engage the audience in thinking outside the box. Speakers from all walks of life are invited to share their knowledge, expertise and wisdom with exciting side events.

Training, mentoring and building connections

Our team regularly organises training and workshops for the community in collaboration with the INPUT programme, the local chamber of commerce and the university.

Start it@K&H Incubator

We are proud to host the first local incubation programme of K&H Start it outside Budapest.

Check our companies here!

We believe in partnerships!

INPUT programme

The Program aims to create and nurture internationally competitive Hungarian tech startups by facilitating the growth and transformation of the Hungarian startup ecosystem by encouraging entrepreneurs and helping them build sustainable ventures. The INPUT Program offers four core services (training, mentoring, business development and international market access) to give hands-on guidance and support for startups in validating their ideas, finding investment, developing their products and entering international markets.

Startup Pannonia

This EU-funded project supports startup companies individually by mentoring, coaching, counselling and teams via workshops and organising company visits in the border region. The goal is to build a community of Hungarian and Austrian startup entrepreneurs.

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Who we are

StartITup Győr is a bottom-up initiative to build a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem by connecting it to the broader European innovation environment. In 2017, Krisztian Szabo started to gather the core team and together they launched StartITup Győr, a bottom-up initiative elevating the local startup and innovation ecosystem. The initiative grew organically with the enormous help of Tamas Tuske, a local community organiser and Diana Pati, a Győr university alumni who for time being lives and works in Belgium and channels best practices from other European ecosystems.

Krisztian Szabo
co-founder, the “evangelist”

Tamas Tuske
co-founder, born entrepreneur,
the “connector”

Diana Pati
co-founder, ecosystem and
international relations expert

Gabor Papp
financial manager

Marton Felician Pap
moderator, MC at events

Tibor Tuske
video and photographer

Dalma Sury
blogger, startupper

Pal Molnar
Synthesis-NET Innovation manager,

Peter Bartfai
DevOps meetup, UX/UI expert,
event organiser

Andras Vegh
Trial Show Hungary, professional biker

Paris Noble
marketing expert, event organiser

Balázs Hegedus
Compensation expert, HR controller

Balint Vegh
event organiser

Daniel Csiti
born entrepreneur, event organiser

Virág Réti
startupper, mentor

Krisztián Tompa
chamber of commerce advisor,
the “problem-solver”


We are happy that a number of local organisations are supporting us from the beginning and new partners are continuously joining us along the journey.

Official address:
9024 Győr Nagy Imre 50.

StartITup Győr Egyesület

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